Multiplane Breast Sculpture

Multiplanar Breast Sculpture (MBS) is a useful technique in cases of moderate breast ptosis, typically represented by women who have already breastfed, resulting in a sagging breast. Traditional mastopexy techniques allow a repositioning of the breast, with or without implant, invariably resulting in a periareolar and inframammary scar pattern, commonly referred to as an "inverted T". In the MSB technique, the prosthesis is introduced through a 5 cm incision in the inframammary groove and, through the surgical modeling of the breast and the placement of the DiagonGel prostheses, the areolomamillary complex is returned to its normal anatomical position.

Excess skin is compensated by the introduction of an implant with a lower breast volume than was traditionally required, with a predominant distribution at the lower pole of the breast. In this way, as a final result, we obtain a breast with an anatomical shape, with a volume increase perceptible predominantly in the lower pole and with a scar hidden by the natural sulcus of the breast.