Gluteoplasty and Body Modeling with Implants

This is an aesthetic procedure that implicates introducing predefined or customized silicone implant to remodel an area of the body. It is possible to augment the gluteus with prosthesis, as well as the chest and the gastrocnemius muscles, especially in men. In this type of surgery, there are several possible ways to introduce the prosthesis and several anatomical plans where it can be placed. The quality of the prosthesis and its shape are variable too and can be customized to the patient’s size. Its choice depends on the clinical evaluation for each patient and it is decided during the pre-op consultation.

Drains are not used. An ambulatory surgery is chosen and the patient can go home after a few hours. The sutures are intradermal, with reabsorbable thread. In this way, it is not necessary to remove stiches during the post-op period.