HD Lipo 2.0

Total Definer Full Immersion Hands-On Training


The Total Definer HD 2.0 Lipo Training will take place in Portugal on August 6, 7 and 8th of September.

With the Full Immersion Hands-On Training Dr Alfredo Hoyos wishes to continue developing the techniques which have innovated this medical field and thereby ending an era of traditional liposuction.

Dr Mario Mendanha, who is already a Total Definer Master doctor, has the pleasure to co-host this important event with Dr Alfredo Hoyos for the first time in Portugal.

The program includes practice in the surgery room with Dr Alfredo Hoyos with selected patients (two males and two females), lectures and a final certificate as a Total Definer Master doctor.

Should you want to know more, we kindly ask you to reach us at academia@mariomendanha.com.


Porto, 15 Julho 2021

Breast Augmentation

Blite Microthane


LightWeight polyurethane covered implants
2020.11.14 • 11h35m
@ Forum Chirurgie Plastică.ro
Asociaţia Chirurgilor Plasticieni din România

Invited Speakers Session

Porto, 9 Novembro 2020


Advanced Medical Training


Advanced Medical Training BodyTite

2020.11. 13 • 14h

@ Academia de Cirurgia Plástica Mário Mendanha

Porto, 30 Outubro 2020

High Definition Lipo

The Gold Standard of Body Contouring


Next Tuesday, join us for a webinar with Dr Alfredo Hoyos, the renowned world pioneer of High Definition Liposculpture and Dr Mário Mendanha, where we will be talking about the increasing importance of this procedure in Europe and its role as the gold standard on body contouring surgery.

Live transmission in Instagram Live account on @TotalDefinerEurope
Webinar with the endorsement of EASAPS (European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)
Webinar in English
Register here!

Porto, 14 Maio 2020