International Patient Services

International Patient Services

Many patients desire the anonymity and calm provided by having treatment away from the city or country of origin, or seek the differentiated care of a particular surgeon. We are pleased to welcome patients from all over the country and from various parts of the world.

In these cases, we provide a pre-consultation form and guidelines for sending photographs. Dr. Mário Mendanha analyzes the clinical case and schedules a virtual consultation for an initial conversation. Although not strictly necessary, this moment is aimed at establishing a relationship of trust between patient and surgeon, discussing objectives and expectations of the surgery, creating the basis for an effective and satisfactory treatment. The presential consultation will take place in the clinic, with the opportunity to review the surgical planning and to clarify the last questions that may exist before the surgery.

Concerned with the comfort of our patients, we offer a specific service, with transport and stay services organized by our team. Depending on the type of surgery, this may be performed in the outpatient setting, with discharge on the same day, or require some length of hospital stay. However, after the clinic discharge, if the patient wishes to stay near the clinic during the postoperative period, a hotel stay will be provided, with all necessary facilities. The patient can enjoy a personalized transportation between the airport and the clinic where it will be operated.

We recommend travelling with a friend or family member and encourage all patients to arrive well in advance of surgery in order to be well rested for the procedure.

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